• The StableRise EHR Workstation

    The only height-adjustable EHR workstation that enables doctors to make eye contact with their patients while they are entering information into their electronic health record. Currently installed in 15 VHA sites.

    The StableRise EHR Workstation image
  • The LifeDesk

    Electric, height-adjustable sit-stand desks for better ergonomic comfort, and to reduce the risk of repetitive injury, carpal tunnel syndrome, neck, shoulder, and back pain in government employees.

    The LifeDesk image
  • Antimicrobial Worksurfaces

    Powder-coat-painted medium-density fiberboard worksurfaces and counters infused with a silver-ion anti-bacterial treatment that slows the growth of bacteria, fungi, and algae.

    Antimicrobial Worksurfaces image